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Our History

Involved in every step, from the artistic vision, execution, to after sales care – Fabio Fanfani is able to assure exceptional artistry, impeccable style, and uncompromised quality.


Exceptional Artistry.

Fabio Fanfani is a workshop built on a multi-generational family tradition.

In 1920, artist Ugo Fanfani began a legacy when he opened-shop on Via Lambertesca (Florence’s historical “Goldsmith row”) and became one of the neighborhood’s most prominent engravers.

Decades later, it was son Fabio Fanfani and wife, Daniela, who relocated and expanded the business – welcoming their children, Stefania and Antonella, after extensive studies in gemology.

Today, Fabio Fanfani features a “secret” entrance around the corner of Florence’s Ponte Vecchio, and is staffed with 4 exceptional artisans; each familiar with the family’s innovations for superior design, lapidary, and goldsmithing.


Impeccable Style.

From conception to delivery, Fabio Fanfani is couture by nature. Its range of expertise not only allows for the creation of high-quality and pioneering collections, it also accommodates ad-hoc requests for unique and personalized pieces, such as, custom engagement or wedding rings.

Uncompromised Quality.

Fabio Fanfani artisans personally select every ingredient and gem used when manifesting their exquisite handmade designs.

This uncompromising commitment to quality includes only diamonds with, at minimum, a “G” color rating, and “VS” purity level, as well as gold that is always at least 18 to 24 karats.

This commitment to quality includes unprecedented aftersales care that turns customers into family friends and Fanfani ambassadors.